Buzz Screens & Slideshows

Buzz Screens & Slideshows 2017-05-20T15:36:53-07:00
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Multi Screens
& Broadcasting

Buzz & slideshow screens captivate onlookers

Show guests whats going on and inspire ideas. Screens show random shots of what’s going on and always draw a crowd. They provide an ideal, and very visual, tool for informational, promotional, video and just about any other message you want to say.


We provide a standard slideshow screen showing random photos of your guests with any rental. It’s included in the price – but for a small additional fee we can inject timed splash screens containing any graphic or text. We can even send these to multiple and remote screens.

Great for informing guests of competitions, free offers, promotions!

Ideal for

  • Instructions or information
  • Adverts or promotions
  • Adding entertainment