Slide Event Landing Pages Are just awesome! Custom event landing pages give
a fantastic way to interact with
your guests...

...time after time after time!
Event Landing Pages Are 100% Fully Responsive Cost Effective Extremely Flexible It Doesn't Get Better Than That! Lets get CREATIVE The Possibilities Are Endless

Add a powerful layer of guest interaction!

Our Gallery Portal/Event Landing Page options give you a fantastic chance to promote, interact or collect information with your customers. This is where we send your guests to collect their digital photo files. It can be a very busy page!

We can generate almost anything here including email address capture, newsletter subscription, videos, product information or messages of any description. It’s a very flexible webpage and anyone that wants to download the digital file of their photo passes through here.


We provide basic landing pages with any Giggle Booth booking including our new ‘Smart Phone App’ button.

Ask us about the additional features we can add and the amazing power these pages can give you.

Prices for additional features vary and depend on complexity

Ideal for

  • Email Address capture
  • Social Media Feeds
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Competitions & Prize Draws
  • Survey Questionnaires
  • General info collection
  • Product or service adverts
  • Promo videos & info