Unforgettable Experiences

…With Santa!

A safer visit for Christmas 2021

Special procedures and special systems for a special year.
On-site, distanced or virtual Santa experiences.

Santa’s knee may be back this year!!

AND – with safe procedures and features we’ve built right into our workflow we can make a safer and comfortable experience – for everyone!

Go live, go distanced or go virtual with Santa visits and Photos.

Safe protocols, hi-tech systems and innovative features!

Traditional, clean, creative, fun and personalized borders.
Live, virtual or distanced!

Border designs

You’ll be informed!

Comprehensive reports and stats show you exactly where you are.

Stats and Reports

We LOVE to innovate and we’re constantly listening or developing new ideas, concepts and ways to make things – different!

We don’t just take Santa Photos. Branding, publicity and entertainment built right in!