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FAQ Page2017-05-20T15:36:54-07:00
Indoor Events2017-05-20T15:37:02-07:00

The key considerations for indoor events are electricity and access for people.

We typically have many people gather around the booth to watch slide shows, other guests or just look in amazement. For larger events it’s important to allow for room for people to observe the action, line up and be able to get their photos in comfort.

Please ensure there is power reasonably close by

Outdoor Events2017-05-20T15:37:02-07:00

Outdoor events are typically staged under a gazebo or tent. Rain or unstable power from a generator are NOT A GOOD environment for the booth which contains very delicate electronic equipment.

A gazebo typically provides adequate shelter for the Giggle Booth providing it is weatherproof. If rain leaks in from the roof or the sides we may have to shut down!

We frequently run our booths from generators without problems PROVIDING it is the right type of generator. Typical contractors generator’s will not provide stable power for ANY ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT… no matter what the guy says! The generators required are not hard to find or any more expensive. You just need to know what to ask for! If your event will supply power from a generator you must let us know when booking.

Do you charge travel or toll expenses2017-05-20T15:37:02-07:00


Why would we?

We do not impose travel or toll charges if your event is within the Lower Mainland or as far away as Pemberton or Chiiliwack.

We travel a LONG way for our clients including Canada wide, North America and further.

For any areas beyond the lower mainland, either a minimum rental time or a small charge may need to be added. The Sunshine Coast and Vancouver Islands may incur a ‘Boat Fee’ OR a minimum rental time.

Will the guests be able to view the photos2015-07-20T13:44:25-07:00

Absolutely, that’s the point!

Most of the time time we upload the photos to your own gallery – live as they are taken. Your guests can view all of the pictures taken at the event during, after or LONG AFTER.

Some customers prefer this gallery is pass-worded (hidden from public view). This is very easily done at no charge.

How long does it take to set up your booths2017-05-20T15:37:02-07:00


We typically allow 1 to 1.5 hours to set up, tune up and prep. If your event is in a location that is difficult to get equipment to or involves long distances, stairs etc you should point this out when you book. Our booths are very portable so it’s not a problem if we know in advance.


What is idle, or down time2015-07-20T15:13:58-07:00

Idle hours are deemed as any hours during, before or after the event where a booth is required but will not be in operation.

Typically idle hours come into play in situations where it is not possible to set up/take away a booth directly before/after an event or during speeches etc. All idle hours are charged starting at $100 for the 1st hour and reducing a little for subsequent hours.