High Quality, stylized photos and fast throughput

Pop-up Studios

Head and Shoulders above the rest

Our flag ship service, and we’ve been offering Pop-up Mini Studios since 2012!

Our super fast systems and management techniques allow for higher grade photos and at a much higher capacity and throughput of guests than a traditional photo booth. Large groups are a breeze!

Stylized photos, framed, organized and taken by experienced photographers using pro-grade cameras, lighting and printers.

Check out our event gallery to see what we do.

More Personalized, more Professional, Better Experiences for your guests!
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Flexible Customizations to fit your event perfectly

This is our most flexible system and can be tailored to your goals. Whether it’s just pure entertainment and fun, or valuable promotion and customer engagement, we’ll have a system that will work for you. It’s very cost effective and offers infinite marketing opportunities – as well as great entertainment!

A Perfect Match for fast & slow paced

Events, Malls, Celebrations and more

So many…

Reasons to Choose
a Pop-up Studio

Pop-up studios are the same cost as our traditional photo booths but provide superior quality photos and guest experience. They offer better value all round and are perfect for both slow and fast moving events.

  • Same price as our traditional photo booths

  • Superior quality photos and guest experience

  • Affordable with infinite marketing opportunities

  • Photographer stages & frames each photo
  • Better guest experience throughout

  • Faster than traditional photo booth

  • Professional appearance & interaction

In 15 years we’ve made a lot of friends

These guys loved us, we think you will too!

Pricing & Packages


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Pricing & Packages

Our pricing is clear and transparent. We include everything most events will require. We do have optional upgrades of course.

Please contact us for pricing information on ‘Pro-Studio’.


What’s included with
pop-up studio pricing

  • 4×6 Prints – upgrade to larger size (6×6 Square photos, 5×7, 6×8, 8×10) available

  • Digital frame design (border)

  • Themed props to suit event

  • Live upload to free gallery

  • Lighting & backdrop

Stanchions for line control will automatically be added to your price ($25). These are required unless your venue will be providing them.

Ski Racing

Inclusive pricing, everything you’ll need to have a great time! Upgrades and customizations are available.

  • 2 Hours = $695
  • 3 Hours = $895
  • 4 Hours = $1095
  • 5 Hours = $1,290
  • 6 Hours = $1,485
  • 7 Hours = $1,665
  • 8 Hours = $1,835
  • 9 Hours = $1,995
More hours & multi Day POA

Prices exclude GST.

For ‘Pro-Studio’ Pricing, Please Contact Us With Event Details.