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Get the most out of us!

Frame Design

We need high resolution graphics of any logos and sponsors logos etc. PNG Format is best.

A copy of the invite/poster is helpful.

Take a peek at our PHOTO GALLERY for some inspiration!

We have blank Photoshop templates we can forward if you are making up the artwork yourself. Let us know.

Venue Specifics

Please ensure we are aware of:

➢ Parking at venue. Location must be nearby as we keep spares in the car. Are there ramps or steps?

➢ Parking Fees – is parking free or charged? A parking voucher or reimbursement is required (this additional expense is not included in our rental fees)

➢ Specific unloading/loading/parking instructions – to allow us adequate time for setup etc

➢ Stairs or long distances to be negotiated? It may impact the type of equipment we bring

➢ Any restricted access time for set-up/tear-down etc? Example, we finish before the event itself.

On the day of your event

Our attendants (who will be operating the booth at all times) will arrive 1hr -1.5hrs prior to start time.

Please ensure the following is made available to us:

1. Space – 15’x10’ is ideal for our usual setup. If your space is smaller, we will bring different equipment to fit whatever footprint you have for us – but we need to know this at least a week prior to your event!

2. Electrical power supply nearby (no more than 20ft away)

3. Large table – 6ft or 8ft is ideal

4. Small table/area for guests to place food/drinks etc. whilst in the booth

5. Stanchions (linked posts for crowd control) – these are required and available for hire from us

Outdoor Events – in addition to the ‘On The Day of Your Event’:

Please ensure the following is also made available to us:

6. Adequate cover – MUST BE TOTALLY WEATHERPROOF (gazebo available for hire from us)

7. Generator power MUST BE DISCUSSED AND APPROVED prior to the day (available for hire from us)

8. Ground surface should be level

9. For larger/busy events, a volunteer to help with crowd control is required

Important Tips

Give us space! The more you can the better. Helps with crowd control and keeps the operation speedy and efficient. Plus our setup will have more ‘wow’ factor!

Don’t hide us! Put us in a prominent position where all the action is. We don’t want to be “Out of sight, out of mind”