The world is changing and VIRTUAL is, for now, the new normal. We have an exciting new technology which opens up endless ways to engage, entertain and promote to your customers or guests in an entirely safe and fun way.

Guests INSTANTLY create photos, GIFs, Boomerangs from a phone, tablet or PC, we’ll drop them right into a custom border and they are saved or shared right away! Your guests create fun and fantastic memories whilst promoting your brand, no matter the location, the time or the duration. Perfect for activations, campaigns, attractions, experiences, weddings and parties.

Branded Selfie
Typical Selfie

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  • Browser based, photos captured with any device, anywhere.
  • No App installations – just point and go.
  • Fully customizable images, branding, emails and experience
  • Capture still photos, GIF & Boomerang (Burst GIF)
  • Automatic background removal for still photos (credits required)
  • Online gallery & customized microsite
  • Direct social sharing options inc: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS. All with custom post text
  • Livestream Gallery
  • Digital Mosaic
  • Custom Surveys or Data Fields
  • Collect email addresses or data
  • Full detailed reports with analytics
  • Scalable for small events or nationwide campaigns
  • Long term plans


It's VERY simple for youtell us what you wantWe set up - you're good to go!

Lets take a photo and try it out!

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For best results, scan QRCode from your smart phone.

Camera required on PC


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…add value by encapsulating them inside a keepsake style, fully customized border (included in pricing) and the selfie takes on a whole new life. Instantly sharable and downloadable; simple and safe with countless options and configurations!

  1. Simply point your phone at the QR code or visit a URL we set up just for your event
  2. Take, or upload an existing photo
  3. Choose from one or several fun/branded frames
  4. Use background removal and choose background image. No Greenscreen required. (Credits are though)
  5. Make it dramatic with a filter
  6. Add stock or custom digital props (if offered)
  7. Complete email address
  8. …and you’re done – your photo is on its way to you. Check your email!

Your photo is automatically added to a gallery and/or picture Mosaic and any of the many other options we can set up for you. All done by your guests anywhere, anytime… the mall, the street, home, office, at an event or attraction, parties – anywhere your guests are with a phone and an internet connection. People powered promotion at its best!

We Create Solutions For Any Event

Packages From $395 – OR – Customize Virtual-ly Everything

Full end to end customization available, white label, branded, emails, templates and more.

  • Digital and and on-site signage options
  • Simple scannable QR code or custom URL
  • Front end, custom landing page
  • Buttons, backgrounds, foregrounds
  • Template and border overlays
  • Branded Microsite

Let’s embrace the future of branded selfies and let people power your business promotions – the fun and engaging way!

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