Zoom Meeting Guest Instructions

Please ensure you familiarize yourself with how to run Zoom. It is very simple but 2 minutes prior your appointment isn’t the right time to find you have no video or audio! You can check your settings and system on www.Zoom.us/test  We HIGHLY recommend you do this in good time before your meeting!

Zoom Resources


Basic Instructions For Your Virtual Visit and Access You Free Santa Photos

Tips For Your Virtual Visit

  • You will receive an email shortly before your appointment time with a link to this page and a 2nd link to your Zoom Appointment.
  • Please read this page carefully and test your connection (SEE ABOVE) in good time prior your appointment.
  • 10 MINUTES before you appointment time please click the ‘JOIN MEETING’ LINK contained in your email.
  • You may be required to make a small download. Accept it, it’s nothing to worry about.
  • It will also ask you for access to your PC’s camera and audio. Accept it.
  • You will now be placed in a waiting room until Santa invites you into the North Pole Meeting.
  • Please be patient if, on occasions, he runs a little late. We know you are there and will invite you in as soon as we can.

Get The Most Out of  Your Free Photos

  • Unlimited photos, is what is says – unlimited!
  • Put your smartphone in camera mode and point it at the following QR Code
  • This will take you to an App (nothing to download) for taking photos
  • Simply follow instructions from there – it is very simple
  • Remember the photos are going to be square so set your camera to ‘Square Mode’ if you have it. No problem if not.
  • We recommend taking photos with your smart phone in the normal way and use our service to upload and place in the border AFTER your appointment. There is an small upload option just under the ‘START’ button. That way you’ll be able to snap away and focus on getting the most out of your time. The photos will also be better quality and you can choose the best ones!

Use this QR Code OR link to access your free photo tools

Or Click this link to use from a PC

Use this QR Code OR link to access your free photo tools

Think about our virtual photo experiences for your next event!